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The Crucifixion: A Torn Curtain



I want you to imagine that you’ve been invited to witness an execution. [pic] Canada doesn’t have the death penalty, so this is not realistic in our country, but imagine with me. Is this something you would attend? Executions are never pretty. They are always final. They are heavy. How would you feel witnessing an execution? What if the person was a hardened murderer? A serial killer, perhaps?

I have a feeling we would all be uncomfortable with such a thing. It’s not a form of entertainment in our culture, although at one time it was. At one point in history, public executions drew tremendous crowds, but not anymore. And I think that’s probably a good thing.

[pic] A number of years ago, 1999 to be precise, there was a movie, “The Green Mile,” starring Tom Hanks. The movie took place in the death row wing of a prison. Over the course of the movie a number of people are executed by means of the electric chair. It was a very good movie, nominated for 4 Oscars, with redeeming qualities, but the execution scenes were always chilling. I personally really liked this movie, except for the execution scenes. I do not envy the officers responsible for looking after death row prisoners or carrying out executions. There is a necessity to be cold, efficient, prepared and trained in order to do this job. It would be difficult.

We don’t have public executions any more. We don’t see them. The closest we come is movies like the Green Mile. And the executions are chilling. They make us uncomfortable. And they should.

So it is understandable that when we read of an execution in the Bible it should be chilling. It should make us uncomfortable. Certainly that is true in the case of the execution of Jesus, his crucifixion.

Easter is just a few weeks away. I know every year, trying to work in a Palm Sunday sermon, it always feels rushed trying to look at everything that happened the week leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. There is a lot packed in there! So this year we are going to look at the crucifixion this week. Next week we will rewind to the Triumphal Entry of Palm Sunday. On Good Friday we will look again at the crucifixion from another angle. Finally, on Easter Sunday we will look at the resurrection. It’s a little bit “back and forth” but, unless we want to have services every day of Holy Week, it’s hard to even scratch the surface of all the events described in the four Gospels during that week. We haven’t even mentioned the Last Supper which also took place in those days!

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