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The Crucifixion: The Death of Death 


I want you to imagine that you knew Jesus in the flesh. Imagine that you were one of Jesus’ followers while he was still here on earth. I’m not suggesting you imagine you’re one of the Apostles, one of the 12, unless that is helpful for you. But there were a number of other “disciples” who followed Jesus, learned from him, ministered in his name but were not part of the inner group of 12.

Imagine that you are one of Jesus’ disciples, one of his followers. Imagine what it would have been like after Jesus was crucified. Imagine the shock. Imagine the disillusionment. Imagine the sorrow that such a great friend, a wonderful leader, a man you loved was dead. Imagine the fear. Imagine the fear that you might be next! Now that the chief priest and temple authorities have gotten rid of Jesus, your leader, what will stand in the way of them hunting you down and doing the same to you? You saw how the fickle crowd in Jerusalem turned on Jesus in the matter of a few days. First they are cheering him into the city, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” and then, within days, they are screaming, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Certainly that same crowd would turn on you and the other followers of Jesus.

Imagine what it would have been like in those first days after the death of Jesus. Imagine gathering together with some of the other followers, including the 11 apostles now that the traitor is gone. Imagine huddling with them, locked in the upper room, wondering what was going to happen next. Every knock on the door is a cause for alarm. Together, though, you find some comfort. You remember together what Jesus was like. You lament together his loss. The only thing worse than grieving Jesus’ loss would be grieving it alone.

Imagine, in your grief, that there is a knock at the door and an anxious chatter outside. Bartholomew opens the door and a handful of women scurry into the room, looking over their shoulders. They are babbling something. Mary and Joanna hush them and Mary Magdalene steps forward. She looks at all of you, but especially Peter. “We went to the tomb this morning. We took spices to tend to the body. But when we got there, Jesus was gone! There was no body! He’s alive!!”

Salome pipes in that they saw two angels at the tomb! One of the angels even spoke to them, asking why they were looking for the living among the dead. The angel said that Jesus was alive and to come tell you all.

What would you think in that moment? What would be going through your mind? Likely, you would not believe the women. They were just women after all. Would you think the body had been stolen perhaps? Maybe those cursed Romans had taken the body to feed to the dogs! Or maybe the Jewish leaders had taken it because they didn’t want the body of one they labelled a blasphemer to be properly buried. Maybe, but not likely, the women had gone to the wrong tomb? What would you think?

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