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We see broken people becoming whole, through the love of Christ.To build a community in which to belong, grow and serve. To love our neighbours by helping them overcome spiritual and physical needs. To contribute to Spirit-filled transformation in the city of Guelph.

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Relationships Matter: Grow 



[pic] Imagine a child. Imagine your child born. You are so excited! New birth is dramatic, painful, but exciting. Imagine, or remember, the joy of welcoming a new life into the world. Imagine holding that little baby in your arms.

Now imagine your child doesn’t grow. The baby is healthy, but never grows, never matures. As the baby approaches its first birthday, it still has no teeth, cannot crawl, and isn’t trying to learn words, nothing. At best, your baby has learned to sit up and hold up its own head. It’s still healthy as a first day old baby, but just doesn’t grow, learn or mature. As the child approaches two, he or she still isn’t crawling, talking or even eating solid food.

Would you think that was ok? Would you think that was normal? The baby is alive, isn’t that enough? It has life, so shouldn’t that be all that counts? I don’t think you would feel that way. I don’t think that would be any of our conclusions. If you were the parent of such a child, wouldn’t you be going crazy? You’d be taking your baby to every doctor imaginable! You’d be doing anything and everything you could to help that baby grow and mature!

So why don’t we approach our new life in Christ with the same attitude? When we find new life in Christ, when we are born again, born of the Spirit, there is so much excitement! Sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s dramatic, but it’s always exciting. So why is it that so often we just settle for new life? A year after our new birth, we are still eating spiritual milk, not meat. We barely learn to crawl, let alone walk. Five years after being born from above, we are not walking with the Spirit. We are still wearing spiritual diapers! Ten, fifteen, twenty years after new birth, we are still on milk, not solid food. We are crawling at best. And yet we think we’re fine! We think we’re doing great because we have new life in Christ. Is that normal? Why do we think it’s ok? But we do.

Here at Priory, our vision is to see broken people becoming whole through the love of Christ. Our strategy is to be a community in which to belong, grow and serve. Today we are going to take a challenging look at what it means to grow. Growth, or “discipleship” as it is typically called in Christian circles, is more than just reading your Bible and going to church. These can be two key elements of our growth, but they are not growth themselves, just like a baby drinks milk, which contributes to growth, but that is not actual growth.

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