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We see broken people becoming whole, through the love of Christ.To build a community in which to belong, grow and serve. To love our neighbours by helping them overcome spiritual and physical needs. To contribute to Spirit-filled transformation in the city of Guelph.

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Thank You! Changed by the Spirit



She was beautiful; long flowing hair, great curves. She was beautiful when she caught the president’s eye. He was restless and out on his balcony for some air. From the height of his residence, he caught a glimpse of her in the privacy of her back yard. She was beautiful. And at that moment, he saw all of her, slipping into her hot tub, oblivious of peering eyes from above.

[pic] “Who is she?” thought the most powerful man in the nation. All he knew is that having seen her, he wanted to know her. So he summoned is personal assistant and sent him to find out who the woman was.

His loyal assistant returned with news and a warning. She was the daughter of a general and married to a Navy SEAL, an elite special operations soldier, who was at this very moment, deployed overseas on a mission for his country. [pic] The president, a war hero himself, had met the SEAL before. The soldier had served under the president’s command and he was a man upon whose chest the president himself had pinned a medal for bravery! The assistant’s subtle plea was in his eyes and voice, “Leave this woman alone!”

But the most powerful man in the country was not deterred. The woman’s husband was away. Her father was away. She was here. The president was here. And he was not a man who was to be denied. So he sent a car around to pick her up and she was brought to him. Thus began an affair that would rip the nation apart.

Nights of passion, seduced by power, unable to say no to the most powerful man she had ever met, the woman became pregnant. She sent word to the president of her condition, and so began the cover up. The president pulled some strings to get her husband, the soldier, a temporary leave to come back home. The SEAL reported to the capital, but remained in his barracks instead of going home to his wife. Faithful to his comrades, the soldier would not go to the comfort of his home and the embrace of his wife while his brothers in arms were sleeping in a combat zone.

Pulling more strings, the president had the man invited to a party where the president’s allies got the soldier thoroughly drunk. But still, his honour held and he would not go home to his wife. The president was getting desperate!

So when the soldier’s leave was over and he was redeployed to the front, the president hatched a new plan. Using his power as commander in chief, the president contacted the general in command of the forces in the field. The president authorized a bold, but risky operation. He personally selected the navy SEAL’s team to lead the mission. He knew he was putting the man and his whole squad of soldiers in harm’s way. That was the plan.

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