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We see broken people becoming whole, through the love of Christ.To build a community in which to belong, grow and serve. To love our neighbours by helping them overcome spiritual and physical needs. To contribute to Spirit-filled transformation in the city of Guelph.

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EHR 8: Develop a Rule of Life 



Watching that video of NHL players working out made me tired. Just watching it made me aware of how little I exercise, how out of shape I am. I was tired just watching them work out. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it, how hard they work their bodies, toning, building and shaping them to be tools to achieve their goals? While they are training, self-control and self-discipline are the name of the game. Their dedication to one thing means saying no to many other things, even things that are good.

Think about all the hard work that goes into competing at the highest levels of athletic competition! It’s profound. It’s mind boggling. And imagine, after all that work, you have a situation like the second video, the Monty Python video of the 100m race for people with no sense of direction. Isn’t that such a waste? Can you imagine working so hard just to run around in the wrong direction when the starter’s pistol went off? It’s ludicrous! The Monty Python video is silly in and of itself, but when you consider how much work would go into preparing for the Olympics, the contrast makes it even more absurd.

What are you dedicated to? Is there anything in your life that you are so dedicated to that you would put that much energy into it?

Why do athletes compete so hard? Why do the NHL players in that video train so hard? For them, it’s to win. Not just to win games, but eventually to win the Stanley Cup. Along with winning, of course, comes fame and fortune. They would all say that their goal is to win the cup, but I’m sure part of the motivation for working so hard is that they can sign larger, more lucrative contracts. Top players, like those in the video, make tens of millions of dollars. They make money from their teams, but they also make millions in sponsorship contracts. Companies like Nike and Reebok pay millions for athletes to wear their products and to be seen, photographed and filmed using their products. (Some of the footage we saw in the video is from such commercials!) Why? Because if these “great” athletes, these winners, use products we are more likely to use those products too!

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