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Christmas at Work 


Imagine you’re at work. Or, if you don’t work, perhaps you’re in school, or wherever you find yourself on a regular basis with people you know to some degree. Imagine the course of your conversation turns towards the meaning of Christmas. What would people say is the meaning of Christmas? What is the “holiday spirit” all about? Think about specific people. What do you think the specific people you work with would say? Perhaps some of these people are Christians, perhaps not. Even if they are Christians, in my experience that doesn’t mean they have a good grasp on the meaning of Christmas. Christians are more likely to say “Christmas is about the birth of Jesus,” which is what it celebrates, but is that what Christmas means? How does that inform the “holiday spirit?”

Are you allowed to say “Merry Christmas” at work? Or do you have to say, “Happy Holidays”? What do people you work with say? What do they think this season is about? What do they think Christmas means? Perhaps they would say Christmas is about family. That’s a common one. Or about giving. Maybe they’ll say Christmas is about good will towards other people. I know Amy and I love watching Christmas movies this time of year. In a number of movies they say Christmas is about all sorts of things! Rarely do they say it’s about Jesus. One movie, relatively old, actually has a very postmodern discussion of Christmas. They say, “That’s the true meaning of Christmas- it means something different to everyone…” Then somebody accidentally ignites sewer gas with a cigar and blows everything up.

The video we watched was about how to get in the holiday spirit. Basically, the video said, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” That is, do holiday stuff until you’re in the Christmas spirit. It then went on to describe “good” things to do at Christmas, like give toys to or volunteer with the needy, count your blessings, write Christmas letters to people and things like that. Do these sound like things people at work or school might say about Christmas? Does this sound like the kind of answers you might get in a discussion with them about the meaning of Christmas? These are good things, but they are not what Christmas means, they are not the meaning of Christmas!

Suppose, while having your conversation at work about the meaning of Christmas, a shining figure appeared the in the room. Suppose the shining man then told you, “Fear not! I bring you triumphal good news with earth shattering consequences! Today a baby has been born who is going to save you from your sins, he is the Anointed One, the King! You will find him in house in a nearby village, wrapped in a blanket, lying in the dog bed.”

What would you do? How would your co-workers respond? You see the angel told the shepherds, who were at work, exactly what Christmas is about and what it means. We tend to forget what Christmas is about, even as Christians. Our surrounding culture wants the good things that go with Christmas, like gift giving, volunteering, cheer, good will, generosity and peace. But they don’t want the Jesus who comes with it. They don’t want a saviour because that means they are sinful and need to be saved!

But even as Christians, we can forget what Christmas means. We remember what it’s about- the birth of Jesus, but we forget what that means. Christmas is about the arrival of God on earth to save us from our sin, redeem all of creation and defeat death! That’s the meaning of Christmas. All the other stuff is a result of that happening. Let’s take a look….

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