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Christian Hope: Redeemed Creation



Imagine a great artist. He has painted numerous masterpieces. After many years, the artist is browsing in an antique store where, at the back, he finds one of his own masterpieces! But it has clearly been neglected and abused. The painting is dirty and torn. The frame is cracked and broken. The artist sees this painting in such a state and deeply desires to restore it.

Can he just walk out with that painting because he painted it? No! Of course not. He must first buy it back from the antique store. So the artist purchases the painting and takes it home. There, over time, working in his studio, he carefully cleans the painting. He gently fixes tears. He replaces missing bits of pigment. He gets a new frame for the piece. Finally, having lovingly restored his masterpiece, he decides he will never again let it out of his possession! So he hangs it in his own home to enjoy every day.

As the master artist and creator, this is how God feels about his creation – our world. Our world has become dirty and broken and God’s desire is to lovingly restore it. God originally made our world and it was good. But humanity’s sin affected all of creation. Although humans are the only creatures that sin, because God made us stewards over all of creation, our sin affected all of creation. Human sin enslaved all of creation. The Bible doesn’t tell us all the effects of sin on creation. It doesn’t tell us what creation was like before human sin entered. So we must not get bogged down in the details of what the earth would have been like if we had not sinned. The point is, in the end, our sin affects not only us, but all of creation.

The good news is, though, that God, the master artist, wants to restore his masterpiece. He wants to restore all of creation! As Christians, we talk a lot about God rescuing humanity. We have talked a lot, here at Priory, about God saving us from our sin and healing the brokenness of sin in people. But God’s redemptive plan is not limited to human beings. God wants to redeem all of creation! At his return, Jesus’ ultimate victory over sin and death will be thorough. This means he will bring victory over the effects of sin on all of creation.

Our redemption is qualitatively different from the redemption of the rest of creation because we are created in God’s image and our sin, therefore, requires a different level of redemption. But, that said, God’s redemptive plan stretches as far as the curse of sin is found. Think of the verse in “Joy to the World,” “Far as the curse is found!”

Last week we talked about our hope as Christians looking forward to our physical resurrection. Our future is not to live for eternity as souls without bodies in heaven. Our future is to have physical bodies like that of the resurrected Jesus! These bodies will last into eternity because the decay of sin and death will be broken and removed.

Today we are going to take a look at what God has in store for the rest of creation as well. We are going to put together what we talked about last week and what we learn this week to see that our future is not only to exist as physical creatures with bodies, but to live on a renewed, restored earth too!

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