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We see broken people becoming whole, through the love of Christ.To build a community in which to belong, grow and serve. To love our neighbours by helping them overcome spiritual and physical needs. To contribute to Spirit-filled transformation in the city of Guelph.

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Christian Hope: Christ’s Return



Star Trek! “These are the voyages of the star ship Enterprise….” Many of us here loved watching Star Trek growing up. Some of us still do! People my age were more likely to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, but even still, many themes were the same in both the original series and its sequels. In each episode, and in the many movies, the valiant crew of the Enterprise would explore new planets, battle enemies, uncover plots and escape danger.

Even people who’ve never watched these shows or movies are familiar with some of elements that have crept into popular culture. One example is the phrase, “Beam me up, Scotty!” This is a reference to using the fictional, futuristic “transporter” technology popular in the Star Trek series. These machines could “magically” move people and objects from one place to another, called “beaming” the people. A common element in many of the shows and movies is that the brave crew members would be on a planet and things would go bad. They would be confronted by hostile aliens, or perhaps wounded, or something was going to blow up. The heroes would call up to the ship “beam me up!” and the transporters would malfunction! There would be a race against time, trying to fix the transporters, that seemed to always crack under pressure. Then, at the last second, the transporter beams would activate, the crew would be beamed to the ship and saved!

In one of the movies, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are imprisoned on an ice planet by their enemies, the Klingons. With the help of another prisoner, they make a desperate escape from the prison itself, out onto the frozen surface of the planet. The Klingons catch up to them and reveal that the “helpful prisoner” is actually a double agent, a spy, being used to stage an escape attempt so the Klingon guards can kill them and further an inter-planetary plot to stop a peace agreement from being signed. Just as the guards are about to tell Kirk the rest of their plans, the Enterprise arrives and beams them up! Kirk is livid that he didn’t get to hear the identity of who was behind the plot!

Consider, on the other hand, however, the movies and stories of an older generation. My father’s generation grew up on Westerns. My Dad loved western TV shows and movies. The good guys always wore white hats. The bad guys always wore black hats. John Wayne was one of my Dad’s favourites and he remembers the first time in a movie that John Wayne, a good guy, wore a black hat! What was going on?!?

One theme in many Westerns was that the settlers or townspeople would be in trouble. In the days of these movies, it was usually Indians that had the people surrounded. Many of their men wounded, low on ammunition, huddled inside a ring of circled wagons, or maybe inside a fort, the townspeople would wonder if they could ever be saved? Then, just as things were reaching a crisis, off in the distance there would be the sound of a bugle! Then, the ground would tremble with the thunder of hooves and the cavalry would charge in to save the day! The cavalry would sweep away the enemies, then, having rescued the townspeople, they would provide food and medicine for hungry and wounded. The people would be able to fix up their settlement, or rebuild their homes and stay on the land.


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