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Christian Hope: Heaven on Earth 



The 2018 Winter Olympics have begun! There will be lots of Olympic watching going on in our house for the next 2 weeks. Megan wasn’t impressed with the opening ceremonies, but she thought ski jumping was cool. She and Amy are looking forward to the figure skating.

The host city, PyeongCheng is in South Korea. They spent years preparing for this event! The opening ceremonies, while not engaging for a 4 year old, were an amazing spectacle of drama, music and light. Just imagine the hours and hours of preparation leading up to them! They were an elaborately choreographed welcome and display of Korean culture for the athletes, their coaches, their families and fans in addition to many dignitaries from around the world.

In addition to the elaborate opening ceremonies, think of the hours of work and millions of dollars put into constructing the venues for the Olympic events. Think of the time and energy put into building rinks, hills and housing for the Olympic athletes. And why did they do this? Why did the people of PyeongChang put so much effort and money into this event? Because they knew the world was coming to visit! And in anticipation of the world coming to visit, they invested heavily into their city.

Compare the work put into preparing to host the Olympics with camping on a campground in tents. In PyeongChang, their anticipation of important visitors means they have invested in building things that will last (hopefully). By contrast, when you go camping, you know you’re leaving soon. You put up a tent, a temporary structure. You try to take out with you whatever you brought in. You try to leave the place looking the same as when you arrived. When you go camping, you don’t want to make a lasting change.

That’s a very different approach than to hosting the Olympics. Think of how Calgary and Vancouver invested in their infrastructure for the Olympics. Years later, other Canadian athletes are able to use these facilities to train. The Olympic tracks and rinks serve to inspire younger generations to athletic greatness. The Olympics left their mark on these cities and continue to pay dividends. I’m sure the people of PyeongChang hope for similar legacies in their future!

For the past number of weeks, we have been talking about the difference it makes if you think you’re camping somewhere or if you’re preparing for a visit from a king. We’ve been talking about the fact that our Christian destiny is not to go to Heaven for eternity, living on clouds as spirits without bodies, but our destiny is to live in resurrected bodies here on a redeemed earth with Jesus! Jesus is coming back, not to take us out of here, but to redeem here and dwell with us.

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