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Love: Christian Maturity


Imagine that you’re going to die. Imagine that you are in the hospital, machines connected to you, beeping and hissing. You know your days are short. What is going to matter to you on that day? What would success at life look like when you’re lying in the hospital, waiting to die?

What is success? What does it mean to win? If you were to draw a line from today to that day in the hospital, what path would that line take? What would you start doing today to ensure that on that day you are successful, that you “win” this life?

I have two things to tell you that you may not like. First- you’re going to die. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But you’re going to die.

Second, after you die, you will face Jesus, on the throne of judgment and he is going to decide if your life was a success or not. Determining if your life is successful, if you “win” at life, is not actually up to you. It’s up to Jesus.

So what are you going to start doing today to ensure that on that day, the day you come face to face with Jesus, that he says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” rather than “Depart from me, I never knew you!”

I realize this might come across as a little heavy to open with on a Sunday, but ultimately this is the truth we need to come to grips with. Let me put this is context for us. For those who are working, what does success look like for you at work? Maybe a successful career means being able to retire? Many people work extra hard to retire. We all have part of our pay set aside for CPP. Others put aside extra money in an RRSP, mutual funds or savings bonds for the sake of having money to retire.

Or maybe success looks different? Maybe you’re a student and success these days looks like graduating. Maybe you want your degree, so you work hard, every day, to get your degree. That’s success. But the point is, each day you shape your activities, thoughts and resources towards getting that degree.

Or maybe your goals are about your family? Maybe your goals surround raising your kids. What does success look like then? You want your kids to be self-sufficient, to have good manners, to do well at school and eventually at work. That’s success, and to that end, each day, you interact with your kids, teach them manners, help them be self-sufficient, etc.

So we can think about success in the big picture. It’s important we do that. Maybe we don’t have to think about that every day, that might be obsessive. But we should think about success and life goals at some point, and probably more often than most of us do. But our long term goals, conscious or unconscious, shape our daily activities. They shape what we do day by day.

We can also think about success in the small picture. Maybe thinking about retirement, graduation, or our kids leaving the house is too distant for us this morning. That’s ok too. We need to think about little, daily successes too. What brightens your day? What feels like a “win” on a daily basis?

For many people, they get a thrill when somebody likes their post of Facebook. Others grab their phone when Twitter sends them a notice that somebody retweeted them or liked their post! Others would be thrilled to have a video on YouTube hit 1,000 views!

For some people, new parents, a success is getting 4 hours of sleep! Or getting through a feeding without their baby spitting up. I remember those days! Maybe a successful trip to the toilet is reason for celebration in your family.

At work, maybe a good day means you make an extra sale. Or you get a new client, or a big contract. Imagine yourself at work, what is a good day? What is a win at work?


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