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Palm Sunday: Welcome Jesus on His Terms 



Has God ever let you down? Have things ever not turned out the way you wanted? Have you ever not gotten something you prayed for? Have you ever been disappointed in Jesus? Has the church ever let you down?

In our church family, we have people who have lost children through death and miscarriage. We have others whose children have wandered far from the Lord, leaving the faith, or getting into drugs, or drifting away. Over the years, some have prayed to be with someone, but remain single. Others have prayed for a spouse to come to Christ, but they never have.

Maybe you’ve lost a job, or lost a house or lost a friend? Maybe you prayed for somebody to be healed, but they weren’t. Maybe in a time of need, the church let you down by not being there? Have you ever been disappointed in God, or felt let down?

First, let me say I’m sorry. I’m sorry that this has been your experience. If it was our church that let you down in a time of need, I’m sorry for that too. I won’t say that I have all the answers for your disappointment. I won’t try to explain why that particular thing happened to you.

I will say that in the big picture, God knows that you have been disappointed. We live in a fallen world. We are affected by our own sin as well as the sin for others. We are also affected by the general fallen state of creation, the effects of sin generally speaking. And God knows this. He has done something about it. God has promised that when Christ returns and renews the earth, He will wipe every tear from your eye. All of creation is groaning with you as we await our Saviour. And in the meantime, we will mourn with you when you mourn.

Let me ask you, all of you, how will you respond to Jesus when he or his people disappoint you? How will you respond to Jesus when your expectations are unfulfilled?

Today is Palm Sunday. While most churches usually focus on the celebration of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem, the so-called “Triumphal Entry,” I want us to consider the fact that within a week of cheering for Jesus, the crowds in Jerusalem were screaming for his blood! Why? Because they were disappointed.

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