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Truth Infused With Hope: The Bread of Life 


We live in strange times! Indeed, times are changing rapidly around us. There are those here who remember when everybody went to church. It was normal and expected. There are those here who lived through the 1960’s and the “sexual revolution.” There are those who remember, who have lived through the cultural and philosophical shift from “modernism” to “postmodernism” and seen its effects even if they cannot define those terms.

For those of you wondering, Postmodernism is a worldview, a lens through which to view reality, that rejects the notion that there are objective truths, truths that apply to all people at all times. We are not able to go into all the details on this today. There have been tons of books written on the subject from both Christian and non-Christian perspectives. But, suffice it to say, one of the consequences of Postmodernism is that people say things like, “What’s true for you is true for you, what’s true for me is true for me.” Truth, right and wrong, religious views and the like are all considered equally valid or invalid, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

But times are changing! You see, even at the height of Postmodernism, people recognized that it was a transitional worldview. Almost immediately, people recognized that statements such as “There is no objective truth” is a statement about objective truth that is either true or false. It cannot be the case that there are objective truths or universal truths for just some people, but not all people. Postmodernism has very little firm foundation. It has some legitimate critiques of the “Modern” worldview, but in and of itself it is insufficient.

We no longer live in a Postmodern culture. We live in a post-truth culture. [Abdu Murray, Ravi Zacharias Summit 2018: “Clarity in a Culture of Confusion,” Toronto, July 2018.] What is that? Post-truth culture elevates feeling and preference over fact and truth. This is the culture we live in today. Postmodernism is a worldview that is ignorant or agnostic. We either cannot know absolute truth or we are unsure if absolute truth exists. Agnostic means “We can’t know” or “We don’t know.” Post-Truth culture, by contrast, is not only ignorant but also apathetic “I don’t care.” There may be absolute, objective truth, but in a Post-Truth worldview it doesn’t matter, we don’t care.

In Postmodernism truth, morality, right and wrong are individual preferences and choices. You can see how that really elevates our preferences and choices! We get to choose right and wrong for ourselves! That puts us in the driver’s seat. It gives us control. It makes us powerful- the arbiters of truth and morality! At least for ourselves.

What matters most now, however, is not truth or reality but feeling and preference. In a Post-Truth culture we may grant you that there is objective truth out there, but we don’t care. We’ve literally idolized our feelings and preference, made them our gods, so truth is less important than how I feel or what I want.

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