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Palm Sunday: Disappointed in Jesus? 



            I really miss sports. I think a lot of us do!  Leading up to the current pandemic, I didn’t get to watch a ton of sports, but I liked listening to sports talk radio. I enjoyed keeping up on how a few local teams were doing. I miss that.

            One thing that I have often found fascinating is the way that fans like to support teams that dominate their particular league.  These teams are often referred to as “dynasties.”  In basketball, the LA Lakers were a dynasty at one point, winning championship after championship.  In NFL football, the New England Patriots are a dynasty, having won so many championships over the last 20 years. 

            Sure when a team wins a championship their local fans increase in number. But when a team wins time and time again, people who aren’t even near their home city start following them and rooting for them.  Once the team starts losing and the dynasty ends, those fans move on to support another team.  Why is that?  Why do we, as human beings, do that?

             I think part of the reason for this is that we like to “back a winner.” We like to support winning teams because we want to be associated with winners. We want to be linked, connected to winners in some way. If we are going to commit our emotional energy, our time and maybe even some money to a team, we want the team to repay that loyalty with the thrill of victory! But on a deeper level, I suspect we also like to be associated with winners. Just as we may experience “guilt by association” in other contexts, I think we experience “fame by association” or “victory by association” in this context.  That’s why so many fans jump on and off the bandwagon depending on which team is or may become the next dynasty. 

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