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We see broken people becoming whole, through the love of Christ.To build a community in which to belong, grow and serve. To love our neighbours by helping them overcome spiritual and physical needs. To contribute to Spirit-filled transformation in the city of Guelph.

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Mark 7: Dog Food 


[Quotation- Matt 15:24 “He answered, ‘I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.’”]

            When I’m honest with myself, I recognize that I often fall into the trap of creating Jesus in my own image.  I don’t mean that I think Jesus must have been like me.  No, I mean that I create an image of what I assume Jesus was like based on my own cultural preferences and cultural norms.  I rarely think about Jesus as a First Century Semitic Jew.  One of the ways this plays out is that I assume that Jesus was always polite and demonstrated essentially Western manners and personified the ideals of Western values and niceties.  I suspect I even Canadianize Jesus in terms of thinking of him as deferential and easy going, always saying “sorry,” holding the door for people and letting ladies go first.  Maybe you do this with your ideas about Jesus too!

            Today’s passage runs up against my self-created ideas of what Jesus was actually like during his time on Earth.  It tears down some of my assumptions about Jesus’ behaviour, customs and manners.  Today’s passage is a reminder that Jesus was not from a country that celebrated a cultural patchwork or melting pot.  Jesus did not go out of his way to make sure he caused nobody offense and that Jesus did not compulsively apologize to people!

            In fact, today’s passage can be quite startling and even jarring for those of us who do strive to be polite, to avoid causing offense.  Jesus’ words in our passage today are, in fact, rather offensive and this strikes our ears harshly!  Let’s take a look at what is happening in this text!

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